We Have a Winner!

Recently, to celebrate my blog redesign and my inaugural JPGD newsletter, I ran a giveaway — anyone who signed up for my new monthly newsletter was entered into a random drawing to receive a cool garden gift: I’ve been using Annie Haven’s Moo Poo tea soil conditioners for several years now, and I also am […]

New Blog Design & Giveaway!

New Blog Design & Giveaway!

I’ve been writing my blog for almost 5 years now, and I thought it was time for a little freshen up. With huge props to my gal pal Robin Mayfield for all of her help (she’s not only an incredible holistic doctor, she’s a WordPress guru), I am excited to reintroduce my blog to you all! I’m […]

September Garden Checklist | Austin

September Garden Checklist | Austin   I know, I know — it’s been a long summer. We’re almost over — September offers us a glimpse into fall weather even though it’s still hot. Hang on and follow the checklist below to make sure your garden stays the course! September Garden Checklist | Austin General contractors, […]