Garden Writers Get Help From Santa

Garden Writers Get Help From Santa

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Dear Jenny: Greetings from the North Pole! We are really getting busy now because Christmas is right around the corner! The elves have been making lots of toys for good girls and boys--today they are working on skateboards. You have to get the action just right or the wheels don't turn as well. But in all the excitement making toys, we haven't forgotten our grown-ups! We got your name from our Nice List 2010, with help from our friends at DigPlantGrow. Those folks there said you are a very nice grown-up, and that you like to write. So I am writing to you today to see if there is anything special you would like for Christmas this year. We can't promise that you will get everything on your list, but if you promise to do good deeds every day  and keep writing nice garden-y things on your blog, we will see what we can do. Love, Santa P.S. The cookies you made for me last year were extra-special yummy, and Mrs. Claus would like the recipe. She is sure you used real butter instead of oleo. photo by Dear Santa: Wow, how nice to hear from you! I would've liked to get a letter from you when I was eight and really wanted the Sweet April doll with the swing, but whatever.  That is good to know that my friends at DigPlantGrow like me and think that I am a Nice Person. I have been giving your letter much thought, because I don't think a request from Santa should be blown off. As you know, I am indeed a garden writer as well as a garden designer, and try very hard to write things that are useful, informative and entertaining. (Sometimes people just think it's weird, but I think they just don't get it.) So anyway, here's what I would like. It's not big or fancy, and it doesn't require a lot of shiny parts, but it does require smart people. I would like a website  where I can go to get help when I am writing my useful, informative and entertaining blog posts. Specifically, this website should include things like items 1-5 below:
  1. Lists of overly-used and very trite phrases to avoid because if you use them, you will look stupid: Like "I don't know about you, but..." and "Here's an event you won't want to miss." Like, why would I want to miss an event? If I don't want to go, I just won't go.
  2. Ideas for photography: I know my writing is superlative and can usually stand on its own, but we are gardeners and as such, are visual people. So if Santa can provide tips on photography, that would be groovy.
  3. A discussion forum with other writers: Writing can be a lonely gig, and having a place to go and talk about writerly things would be very helpful.
  4. Ways to get your writing read: I'm not writing for my own entertainment (Ok, well, that post with pics on the beetles procreating was sort of for my own fun.); I want my posts to be read. Social media? Contests/giveaways? Interviews? Links to other sites?
  5. Tips on creating a writing calendar: How to plan ahead for seasonal, timely posts. What resources to regularly check  to inspire to-the-minute, somewhat impulsive posts? Where do I go to get info on garden trends and ideas to write about?
So there you have it. If you can do it, that would be awesome. (Wait, is "awesome" one of those overly-used words that make me look stupid?)  The people at DigPlantGrow will help you.  If not, I expect the Sweet April doll in my stocking this Christmas. I'm not kidding. Love, Jenny P.S. Tell Mrs. Claus that I will put the recipe under the cookie plate. Of course I used butter. Oh, and I substituted vanilla almond milk for the cream.

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