Mason Jar Garden

Mason Jar Garden

For this Garden Project of the Week, you may not even need to leave your house. Maybe not even your kitchen. I literally had everything I needed for this project in my pantry, and from some very simple materials I created an awesome little indoor mason jar garden for my fireplace mantel: Materials Mason jars & other clear glass jars of varying sizes River rocks, gravel Moss (sphagnum) Small plants and plant cuttings: succulents, air plants, ivy clippings Here is my collection of mason jars (I also used some small clear glass votive holders): And my tiny plant collection of succulents and air plants (I also used pothos clippings): I simply filled each one of the jars halfway with either sphagnum moss, chunky river rock or gravel. All of these materials can be purchased at your local craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Be sure to match up the proper material with the right plant--air plants can go into either moss or rock, succulents will do better in rock, and ivy/pothos clippings will need to be in water. Then I tucked my plants in: With some of the smaller jar openings, I used my little terrarium tools from aHa! Modern Living to push the materials down. Very handy, I must say!

photo by aHa! Modern Living

This project goes down in JPGD history as the fastest, cheapest and cutest project so far (IMHO). It didn't cost me anything, and I completed it in about 30 minutes. One caveat: some of the little succulent clippings I used will need to be taken out of the tiny jars to water--there isn't sufficient drainage in these jars to water them and they'll easily rot. Most of the plants I used are tillandsias (air plants) that will be removed weekly to soak in water, with misting in between. The pothos clippings will root in the water--you can either leave them in there, or take them out and plant in potting soil. My mantel is now so much more attractive than the collection of candles I had before--although, adding some small clear votive candles in between would be awesomely pretty, I think. I love the olive-green color of my wall behind the glass jars; I think it sets the plants off beautifully. You could put these mason jar planters anywhere, and although I like them displayed together, you could easily place them singularly or in smaller groups indoors or outdoors.

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    Cool project. I think I have most of those materials in my apartment anyways. I just need to get the pretty rocks and moss for the jars now. Thanks for the idea!

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    Aha! Take them out of the jar to water! I tried this once and killed all my little baby succulents. Thanks for the step by step, I should try this again since I always have a million glass jars in the garage.

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    I LOVE Mason jars! I have a couple crooled ones from the US (blue and purple) and I’ve always wanted to start a collection. My favorite use for the blue Mason jar is putting daffodils in it in the spring. I’m also loving the current trend of baking things in jars.


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