Tabletop Succulent Wreath

Tabletop Succulent Wreath

One of my favorite projects! The succulent wreath, but an EASY one! We've all seen the Martha Stewart version (literally, it's in one of her older books) where hundreds of tiny succulent clippings are stuck into a wire wreath frame. Yes, it's gorgeous, but it also costs infinity dollars even if you do it yourself. Where do you get hundreds of little clippings, anyway? So here's the Jenny Peterson version (read: easy, fast and cheap)--eye candy first, then I'll show you how to do it: Materials: 1 wire wreath form (one that has a concave well), available at nurseries, craft stores, and online order Sheet Moss Sphagnum Moss Topdressings: aquarium gravel, pea gravel, tiny glass beads, small river rock 8-12 4" potted succulents, depending upon how large your wreath form is Pillar candle to fit the inside ring of the wreath form Start with your wire wreath form: Line it with green sheet moss: And now, keeping the succulents in their ugly black plastic nursery pots, place them into the moss-lined form: So you don't see the black plastic pots at all, carefully tuck in more sheet moss, or sphagnum moss. I also add tiny topdressings into each pot so you don't see the soil surface--aquarium gravel, tiny glass beads, etc. The bright blue that you see in the pic is glass beads that I picked up from a local nursery. Add your pillar candle and you're done! A gorgeous centerpiece for an entryway table, dining room, or outdoor seating area. My wreath cost about $50--about $16 for the frame, $5 for the candle (I got it 1/2 off at Michael's), $5 for sheet moss, nothing for the sphagnum moss as I always have it on hand (usually it's about $5/bag), and about $25 for my succulents (they are anywhere from $2-$6 for a 4" pot). I love how you can interchange succulents as they grow too big or you find a new one you want to add to the wreath--just pop the pot out and place the new one in. As with most succulent care, water each pot about once every 10 days during the growing season (spring, summer, into fall) and then decrease to once every few weeks in the winter. If you keep it inside on a table, you'll have to take it out to water it and let the moss dry before taking it back in. See how easy this is? A garden project that makes you feel like a Rock Star--actually, it makes everyone else think you're a Rock Star. Now we're talkin'.

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    That’s dang cute. I’m going to have to forward that to my mom. Though, from the looks of it, she seems to be mining Austin garden bloggers at the moment, and she’ll probably find it on her own. 🙂

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    Great idea, Jenny, and practical, too. I “shared” this on FB. But you know, anytime you want hundreds of cuttings, come to my garden. I invite friends for wreath-making parties every so often. Make the trip to Southern CA and I’ll have on in your honor!


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