Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden

So thanks, everyone, for being patient while the Garden Project of the Week took a two-week hiatus! We don't have a lack of ideas around here, but last week we were running a contest on JPGD, and this week, I've been at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show getting all sorts of ideas for new garden projects for you. This week, I'd like to highlight fellow crafty girl and balcony gardener extraordinaire Fern Richardson of Life on the Balcony.  Fern is a powerhouse of garden writing and blogging, and she came up with this idea to plant a pallet garden using those old wooden pallets that are used to transport materials: This project is great for those who garden in small horizontally-challenged spaces (balconies, patios, terraces)--but any gardener who wants a cool vertical element should consider this. It satisfies my stringent requirements, too--super cool, easy, relatively inexpensive, no fancy tools or skilz needed. Well done, Fern!

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  1. says

    Yes, reusing and fixing one thing for another purpose is great. Wish I would have had known of such things for my old apartment living, but then again, still have a small patio to do such things…

  2. Yvonne says

    I love the idea, but concerned about possible damage to my wall. The only place I have to place this is on the side of my home, which is made from hardy plank. Would this be ok? Is such a design better on certain types of materials?


  3. Lyn Butcher says

    I would “lean” it rather than putting it up against the wall. That way it would accept the water better. I would for sure put up an additional piece of wood or spacer to keep it away from your hardy plank.


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