San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

I'm loving being in the Bay area this week at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show--it's my second time to the show, and it's such an exciting week seeing the display gardens and getting caught up with friends! On the Tuesday before the show begins, our wonderful friend, Rebecca Sweet, opens up her gorgeous home and garden and hosts a tweet-up. It's our chance to get all caught up with each other and enjoy some down time before the wild activity of the week begins.

We were also celebrating the release of Rebecca's and Susan Morrison's book, "Garden Up!", as well as our friend Ivette Soler's book, "The Edible Front Yard." Rebecca put together a great display table that had everyone's books up front and center.

I happened to catch Rebecca and Susan off to the side, signing some copies of their books. I'm kicking myself that I didn't bring along my own copy!

Rebecca's husband, Tom, is the most awesome bartender. This year he made a yummy concoction of gin, basil, lemon juice, champagne. I thought it was pretty good, but had to have three just to be sure.

The crowd is always a lively mix of garden enthusiasts and writers. From left to right, there's Patty Craft (Horticulture magazine), her sister Jeanette Craft Sinclair (Woodside Images), Charlotte Germane (Dirt Du Jour and H. Potter), Theresa Loe (Growing a Greener World) and in the foreground is Cindy McNatt (Dirt Du Jour).

Here's sisters Jeanette & Patty again--I usually only see these two once a year at Rebecca's, and it's always such a treat.

Even though it was cool and off-again rainy, I snuck out to the garden to get some good shots. This garden is magical; it just lures you out of the house to play and explore.

Rebecca is such a thoughtful gardener; there are vignettes like this one everywhere you look.

And look at Rebecca's studio for her design business, Harmony in the Garden! This studio is so quaint and cottage-y; it used to be her parent's shed that was redone a few years ago to give her a place to create.

I was so jealous of this hanging basket of fuschias--this beautiful bloomer doesn't do well in our Austin, Texas, climate, so I'm forced to admire it from afar.

Thanks, Rebecca, for the always incredible start to a fabulous week! You and Tom are such gracious hosts--I know I speak for many in saying that you always help us to create the most lovely memories of our time in California, in the gardens and with friends. On to the show!

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  1. says

    Jenny, I’m glad you’re having such a great time! I’d love the cocktail recipe with gin, basil and champagne. Yum! I had to laugh that you only had three, hehe. Love the pictures too…hope you post more.

    Have a blast,


  2. says

    A party to remember! Why is it that I only arrive after dark? Am I TRULY a vampire???
    Tom also makes a mean martini!
    So fantastic seeing all of you Lovelies!

  3. says

    Jenny – these are the first photos I’ve seen of the party! Thanks so much for posting them, for COMING!, for the to-die-for bracelet, for everything. You are such a huge part of the party I can’t imagine ever throwing one without you here! As my daughter said the other day “Will Texas Jenny come again next year?”. I hope so!!! XXOO

  4. Tamara C says

    Thank you for sharing. These images are lovely. What is not to love about that beautiful “designing” shed? I am in Hutto, TX just north of Austin. I got a fuschia a few months ago and it is doing great. I have it near the front door and it needs water everyday. (that is what drip irrigation on a timer is for) It is a bit of a spoiled baby but so pretty. 🙂

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