April Flowers

April Flowers

I'm thankful that our April flowers have been decent, because we sure haven't had any measurable rain to lead to May flowers! This month is my favorite in the garden--aside from it being my birthday, April is such an alive month, isn't it? Greenery poking up through the ground, reminding us of plants we forgot were there.

I was mesmerized recently on a trip to my friends', Jacque & Sherry's, garden. That garden has exploded in color in recent weeks, so many of my flower pics are from their "back 40." Look at the sunny yellow of this iris--not a variety I usually see!

And the pink-lemonade of this one is so damn yummy, isn't it?

Gerbera daisies always remind me of my sister, Laura--it's her favorite flower!

I'm really lucky to have spotted this patch of bluebonnets; it's probably the only one in Texas this year! Our wildflower season has been the pits--the only other place I've seen our state flower is in a soccer field at an elementary school.

We don't have cherry blossoms in Texas, but I spotted some in a recent visit to Hakone Gardens in CA. The delicate bloom against a brilliant blue sky is achingly beautiful.

This ranunculus was in perfect bloom in the edible garden at The San Francisco Flower and Garden show a couple of weeks ago. In my next garden, I'm going to to incorporate more cutting flowers!

One of the oddest things I've seen this spring was at Zilker Gardens where Rachel Mathews and I noticed red bud blooms up and down the trunks of the trees. I've never seen that before--it was like "Attack of the Red Bud Pod People." Don't trust it--it only looks beautiful until the aliens spring forth and take your first born.

I can do without any other spring flower except Texas Mountain Laurel--the purple-indigo flowers infused with the instantly recognizable grape Kool-Aid scent is luscious. Puts me in my happy place, where I'm no longer concerned about Red Bud aliens.

This red-flowering quince was, I think, the first sign of spring down at Zilker--the blooms standing in stark contrast to the otherwise bare branches definitely announces that winter is over.

So many gardeners take pictures of their spring flowers--I'd love it if you hopped over to my Facebook fan page and added yours!

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  1. says

    I always have trouble with ranunculus. I plant the bulbs, and nothing ever comes up. I’m guessing I’m doing it wrong. Must be! Also – love gerbera daisies. Trying to grow them from seed I collected last year, so I’m hoping for gorgeous blooms!

  2. says

    Jenny you crack me up! Redbuds are very common here and yes, they do have that odd habit of blooming from the trunk. Mine is nearly in bloom now. I’m sure it would have been sooner, but it’s been way too COLD!

    You should see it here when the redbuds are all in bloom. There’s a stretch of highway along the river near my daughter’s house that is just a ribbon of magenta and just GORGEOUS! I have a photo somewhere in my photo black hole…

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