Garden Give-Aways!

Garden Give-Aways!

I love anything free, especially when it's awesome free stuff. Add "garden" between awesome and free, and I'm hooked. If you are, too, then check out these contests going on right now--these sites are having a serious case of Spring Fling! Seasonal Wisdom-- Teresa O'Connor is celebrating spring and the redesign of her blog by doing a whole week's worth of give-aways! Just leave a comment on her site, and correspond it to the post with the freebie you're drooling over, and you could be the big winner! Nursery gift certificates, books, solar lights, tools and compost teas are on the list. Teresa's blog is so cool, though, you'll bookmark it as one of your favorites. Urban Gardens-- Want to win a really cool self-watering container? Enter Robin Horton's "Think Outside the Planter Box" photo contest! Take a pic of a creative container and send it in to enter. And seriously, get creative! Got a strange plant/plant combo? Crazy colors? A repurposed container (bra, anyone?)? I've been following Robin's award-winning blog for a year and a half now; if you garden on the edge and look for unusual ideas along with clean, contemporary lines, you'll want to follow it, too! Fifthroom Living-- How about winning $1000 of outdoor furniture or structures for your landscape? Submit a photo of your bleak patio, deck or outdoor room and talk about which of gorgeous structures at Fifthroom you would want, and bingo! I should tell you, too, that Fifthroom Living is a new home & garden blog and I'm one of the five featured writers--this is an awesome site, if I do say so myself! Thanks For Today-- To celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and the 2nd Annual "Gardeners Sustainable Project," there's a contest to win a composter, a rain barrel, books, tools, compost tea and all sorts of other things! Just leave a comment on the post and you're entered to win. Do you think they'll think I'm brown-nosing if I leave a comment??

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  1. says

    Hi Jenny,

    Just saw your tweet about garden giveaways and thought your readers might want to win some really cool garden tools. We’re giving away over $900.00 worth of tools on May 1st. If you’d like more info., please go to

    Thanks and have a great weekend,

    Blake Schreck

  2. Diane Clements says

    Just recently started composting and applied the first batch around my blueberry bushes and my my…you should see all the lovely blooms and greenery….off they go! Rain barrel is next. Thank you much!

  3. says

    Thanks Jenny for the mention of the Think Outside the Planter Box contest! We have received some cool pics, but really want more! With all your clever ideas, please send yours in!!


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