Edging & Mulch: Think Outside the Bag

Edging & Mulch: Think Outside the Bag

Got a bit of a creative streak, you say? Like to add some unexpected touches to your garden? I gotcha covered here. On a recent visit to Lucinda Hutson's exuberant central Austin garden, I noticed a small bed in the back that was edged with clear bottles. Not steel edging, not rock, but glass bottles. And the "mulch" in the bed consisted of collected wine corks! Now,  you know girlfriend's giving some serious parties to have that many corks! (Actually, people drop them off in bags for her).   I've always been drawn to eclectic vignettes like this one--and recycling your party materials just makes sense, my friend.  Doesn't this make you feel simply obligated to throw a party now? Hey, you're just doing your part to be green.

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    Love the bottles. I saw East Side Cafe using corks for mulch a while back. They probably do produce enough of their own corks to do it, too.

    I also experimented with bottles as edging. Pretty easy to do. Rubber mallet, straight-edge shovel… http://on.fb.me/mFWsf6

    Sadly, I recycled all 1200+ bottles I had collected the other day. Realtors don’t want to see such things.

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    Now you see, this is something I would love to do in my garden, I think they raise the bar a little in terms of making it unique. My only concern is if the kiddies fall over!

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