Garden Designers Roundtable: SHADE

Garden Designers Roundtable: SHADE

Got shade? A lot of gardeners do! It might be making you crazy--maybe you yearn for roses, vegetables and lots of grass--but guess what? If you've got shade, you'll have to reconsider your garden wants. Instead of thinking "sunny" and "bright," think "lush" and "cool." And I'll do one better for you--this month, the Garden Designers Roundtable has an offering of shady posts on the topic to help you out!

Check out these posts to bring out your shady side--you know you've got one!

Margaret Roach : A Way To Garden : Hudson Valley, NY Andrew Keys : Garden Smackdown : Boston, MA Christina Salwitz : Personal Garden Coach : Renton, WA Debbie Roberts : A Garden of Possibilities : Stamford, CT Douglas Owens-Pike : Energyscapes : Minneapolis, MN Genevieve Schmidt : North Coast Gardening : Arcata, CA Lesley Hegarty & Robert Webber : Hegarty Webber Partnership : Bristol, UK Pam Penick : Digging : Austin, TX Susan Cohan : Miss Rumphius’ Rules : Chatham, NJ


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