More Creative Fence Ideas

More Creative Fence Ideas

Your fence separates your garden from the street or your neighbor’s garden, and until recent years, they have been built with mostly function in mind. But why have the same old stockade vertical privacy fence when you can have some a bit more creative and visually interesting? I collect pics of great ideas as I’m driving around Austin–maybe one of these will be an inspiration for you!

How cool is this fence? Horizontal boards are the trend with fences, but this bold hue makes it a focal point in the garden rather than merely a backdrop. Gutsy!

What a smart combination of wood and steel! The posts and gate are steel, with the fence comprised of horizontal wooden boards. Nice how this one offers some definition between curb and inner yard, but doesn’t totally block the view. That’s a good neighbor move.

I have a soft spot for this fence–I love the combination of rustic tree poles with the more structured masonry column. We always talk about providing contrast in your garden for visual interest–well, there you go!

This fence is not inexpensive, being constructed all from steel. But how cool is it? Varying widths of horizontal steel pieces are spaced just widely enough to give a glimpse of the small seating area beyond. Love it.

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