Strawberry Fields Project: Update

Strawberry Fields Project: Update

A few months ago, I decided to take Corona Tools and Stark Bros up on a challenge--see if I can grow strawberries in a small space! You all know that I garden on a balcony, so I decided to plant the 3 free Tribute strawberries that Stark Bros sent in one of my hayrack planters. You can read about the Strawberry Fields challenge here, and how I planted my 3 strawberry plants here. But now it's time for an update!
  1. Two of my plants died. Now before you send me a horticultural condolence card, I'm really happy! Not that I lost two plants, but that I have one still growing! I planted these strawberries exactly when I shouldn't have, in the midst of one of the most brutal summers on Texas (and US) record. Plus I don't know what I'm doing. Serious--I've never grown a berry of any variety. I don't even grow a lot of food, period.
  2. My remaining plant is growing like it's on steroids. This is a source of amazement for me! I go check on it every day. I should set up a camera to record the growth, or just sit there and watch it. I'm sure I'd be able to see with the naked eye more growth popping out.
  3. I have 4 rhizomes, two of which are re-rooted. Well, technically, rhizomes are underground runners, and these are more like "pups." I've got the Mother Plant, and she's birthed 4 more little plants. These new plants are taking up the space left by the other two plants' unfortunate demise.
Check this out: I've got strawberry pups spilling over the sides! Now, I know I sound like the worst newb ever, but this is really exciting to me! I was so unsure of myself when I started this challenge, and now it's a source of great wonder and amazement every day. I just do a daily watering before 9:00 a.m., before the sun gets super hot, and let it go. So, now that I've kept it alive and it's thriving, perhaps actual strawberries aren't out of the question? Stay tuned!

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  1. Theresa says

    just keep babying it and you’ll have berries by fall. Those rich, glossy leaves are a testament to the organic fertilizer. With all the corks – you should rename this “Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill” project. Nicely done.

  2. says

    That has to be the healthiest looking strawberry I’ve ever seen. Good job, you may get berries yet. Hope to see you at Katina’s, Bob

  3. says

    Julie–I’m sure you’ve had help with collecting those wine corks. πŸ˜‰
    Theresa–I love the Boone’s Farm suggestion–kinda takes me back to my teenage days…..
    Bob–Thanks so much! I’m hopeful for berries.
    Jacqueline–Thanks! It makes me happy to see it grow so much every day.

  4. says

    Love this. LOVE it! πŸ˜€ Makes me want to grow strawberries now… yes, & totally not in season. /sigh

  5. Helen says

    lol! Jenny you are so funny… I have loved this strawberry journey! Refreshing to see some growing “in real life” going on as we are with you on the extreme heat this year, it is brutal! The corks are brilliant!

  6. Terri says

    The plants look great! Mine have a couple of little flowers on them and I’m trying to keep them going in this heat!

  7. Ernesto says

    Holy scrumdiddlyumpcious delicacies, Batman! Those strawberries are TOTALLY metal. Seriously, they make me want to grow my hair out, move to Norway, and playing shredding guitar licks atop the highest mountain for the rest of my days.

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