Crested Euphorbias

Crested Euphorbias

I spent a lovely, relaxing afternoon at The Great Outdoors recently, just my Nikon and me. I wasn't shopping for clients, I didn't have a plant order to place or a bamboo question for Merrideth, the local expert. I just wanted to roam around and take pictures. I took a photography class a couple of weeks ago, so I was eager to play around with the white balance and ISO settings--and I had some luck with a slew of crested euphorbias! I hope you enjoy looking at these beauties as much as I enjoyed taking pics of them. Now, no more words, just a Euphorbia Love Fest:

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    Gorgeous, Jenny! They’re so hard to find out here – if I was in your nursery there I think I just might go crazy!! I love these euphorbias (AND your mad photography skillz!!)

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