It’s The Small Things

It’s The Small Things

I was on one of my weekly jaunts to The Great Outdoors, one of my favorite nurseries here in Austin, when I noticed some things. Some small things. We all go to nurseries to buy plants, right? But what about all the garden non-plant goodness to be had? I walked through and had fun taking pictures of some cool things to add to my garden, or yours. Check it out:

How about some crayon-colored watering cans? Mine is the standard old dark green; I don't know what I was thinking. I'm getting the purple one.

I'm not sure what these little Mexican-pottery things are for, but I totally dig them. I'm thinking hang them on the wall, add a tiny succulent or an funky tillandsia.

I actually bought three of these little cuties-they're just mini glazed pots in the traditional terra-cotta pot shape. They're perfect for small succulents or 4" pots of color. I like mixing up the pot color with the saucer color. No match-matchy for this girl.

I buy a new garden hat similar to this every couple of years. They're supposed to last longer, but I'm tough on mine. Throw them in the back of the truck, take them with me to Nicaraguan rain forests, leave them at job sites out in the rain. What can I say?

And who needs regular old strawberry pots when you can have a cool one like one of these? A tall cylinder, a towering rectangle--a perfect choice for a more contemporary garden!

Next time you're at your favorite nursery, take a look at all the non-plant material to be had--I can almost spend as much money on this stuff as I can on plants. Almost.

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