Vivero Growers: Support Your Independent Nursery Month

Vivero Growers: Support Your Independent Nursery Month

So during the month of October, a number of Austin area garden bloggers have been blogging about our local indie nurseries–this week it’s a Wild Card week where we can write about whichever nursery we want. Let’s give it up for my choice, Vivero Growers in Oak Hill! Now, in weeks past, I’ve done a Top 10 Reasons to Love (nursery of the week), but I’m not able to do that with Vivero because it was my first time there. Vivero is a newish nursery, and it’s located on the opposite side of town from where I live, but owner Katherine Cain (with co-owner husband Michael) made contact with me earlier in the year by adding me to her email list.

I joined several other friends/garden bloggers Pam Penick, Diana Kirby and Jenny Stocker for lunch and then we headed out to Vivero where we were met by Katherine. I realize not everyone lives in the extreme southwest part of town, but this nursery really is worth the trip! Here’s why:

I’ve never seen such healthy plants at a nursery, especially after the summer we’ve had. These plants are full, strong, and in full bloom–I asked Katherine what kind of fertilizer they use (steroids?) and she said, “We just know how to take care of them!” Apparently!

This was one of the first sights I saw when I pulled in–the golden barrel cactus and bougainvillea make an incredible contrast, don’t they?

Everywhere we looked, it was an explosion of color. Vivero has a great stock of cacti, perennials, grasses and citrus — and in great sizes (3 gallon, 5 gallon and larger). They do stock 1-gallons, but Katherine says they cater to a lot of landscapers (yippee!) who want larger sizes.

Look what we found sitting on top of a growing pot in the back! It looked like a watermelon nest.

I love how the arrangement of these perennials looks like a meadow!

This isn’t necessarily an arrangement you would find in one garden, but I couldn’t resist the textures and forms against the blue sky.

Citrus, anyone? The lemon and orange trees were incredible–large specimens, super healthy, loads of fruit and many of the trees trained into standards. I love the look of standard citrus trees in pots, and that form is sometimes hard to find. So glad to know where I can buy these now!

Have I given you color overload yet? Vivero grows much of its own stock, like these salvias. You can tell when plants haven’t been hustled around from a greenhouse out-of-state, then packed up into a dark truck and forced to re-acclimate in a harsher zone–they look healthy like this!

Take a trek out to visit Katherine–she is so personable, funny and helpful. She’s a great resource for Austin gardeners–I might just have to seek out some clients in Oak Hill! But it doesn’t really matter–I came, I saw, I loved this nursery! I’ll be back.

Vivero Growers

12000A Hwy 290 W

Austin, Texas 78737


Monday – Friday 8:30 – 6:00

Saturday 9:00 – 6:00

Sunday 10:00 – 5:00

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