Friday Mish-Mash Up

Friday Mish-Mash Up

My friend Pamela Price of Red, White and Grew gave me an awesome idea--she does a "Friday Fun Mashup" of odds and ends from the week--or just things she's been saving up to share with her readers. I told her I thought she was a genius (she totally is) and that I was going to steal her idea. So, I'm stealing it.

Holly, Pam, LaManda, Me

Although it appears I'm literally ripping Pamela off, it would be wrong of me to not add this pic, because this was when we all met. I'd previously met LaManda Minikel (The Yarden) in Chicago, but when I heard she was in my hometown of Austin and planning a jaunt down to San Antonio to meet Pam and Holly, I sneakily invited myself along. Holly Hirshberg and her husband, Sean, (The Dinner Garden) and Pamela (with her little mini-me son, Tater Tot) met us for lunch and lively chatter about seed saving, social media, kids and gardening. The week prior, I'd been at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, where I caught up with old friends and met some new ones--all while drooling over display gardens and cool garden products. Plus happy hours. Always happy hours. Here's one of my favorite shots from that trip:

Leave it to me to be drawn to a musical instrument as a planter when I'm surrounded by huge display gardens! My son Max plays the tuba, and if there's an instrument lying around, doing nobody any good anymore (read: unplayable because it's old), why not plant it? This is more of a floral display, but I think it's the grooviest thing ever. Just remember I said to use an unplayable instrument--no comments on how sad you are that I'm suggesting wasting instruments that could be donated to school kids! 😉 Moving on to cool stuff I saw at a local nursery, The Great Outdoors: And for a little Friday humor, check out how adding plants to your yard can decrease crime in your neighborhood: Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. ChrisG says

    Love the idea of Friday Mish-Mash up. By Friday I feel somewhat distracted by the world in general and can’t seem to generate just one theme to write about. Wonder if I have time to write my Friday M/M blog entry. 🙂

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