Northwest Flower & Garden Show–Favorites

Northwest Flower & Garden Show–Favorites

I spent a whirlwind couple of days at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in early February--and I do mean whirlwind! I flew in on a Wednesday and flew back out on Friday. But I got in a lot of visiting, plant gawking, garden-product scouting and happy hour canoodling! I hope you enjoy these highlights from my trip. Our first night there, I met up with a group of wonderful friends from the garden world for dinner down by the market area--Rebecca Sweet, Teresa O'Connor, Robin Haglund, Jayme Jenkins, Lisa Jensen and Robin Horton and I shared an awesome evening of cocktails, entrees and decadent desserts before rolling back to the hotel to get some sleep before hitting the show the next day.

But not before Rebecca and I bonded over fuzzy Valentine's Day socks!

Rebecca was busy with her league of admirers after her presentation on "Creating Harmony in the Garden"--it was a packed house and Rebecca (co-author with Susan Morrison of "Garden Up!") rocked it. Check out this Moroccan day bed--this was one of my favorite vignettes from the show--so exotic and dreamy. The presence of flowering bulbs underneath was a bit inauthentic, but hey! It's a flower and garden show, you just have to suspend reality for a bit and go with it! There were a number of terrariums on display--but they're not your mama's tired old terrariums from the 70s! These were super cool and fresh--I must figure out how they added the lights. Since this is the Year of the Chicken in the Peterson/Davis household, I couldn't resist this bright green chicken coop (never mind that there were fake ducks inside--I can go with a Duck Coop)--proof that you can have a coop that's recycled and fresh in your backyard. There's something about a red door that I just love--and displays like this one, although not huge and over-the-top, help gardeners figure out how to landscape and decorate small areas of their own gardens. So quaint and charming. Isn't this genius? This landscaper had a collection of boulders, each one engraved with the relative weight and how many people it would take to move it into place in your garden.I wish every landscape yard would do something similar. It's just a dream, though--every type of rock has a different density and weight for the size of the rock, so it would be really difficult to do in reality. Still.... Isn't this an adorable display? Two little storefronts--so French--they even had an artist in the store on the left! This was actually one of the displays that I like the best, because it was so different from the others. Two women that I don't get to see enough of are Danielle Ernest (Proven Winners plants) and Dee Nash (Red Dirt Ramblings) -- look at these smiling faces! I'm happy that I work with both of these women, as Dee and i are a part of the Proven Winners Garden Gurus. I'll be posting some more pics of this show soon--there were a few water features that were very original, as well as some gathering spaces that would be cool to duplicate in your garden. Check back in next week!

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    Jenny – thanks for sharing these photos! It was a lovely trip down memory lane (and I LOVE my socks!!) Hope this month slows down a bit for you, but I doubt it will. Drink lots of coffee and carry on, my friend!

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