Don’t Get Shrub Happy

Don’t Get Shrub Happy

I was driving through my new neighborhood in South Austin and saw this:

No offense, my South Austin neighbor, but you got some work to do! I’m just perplexed by the plethora of shrubs here–it’s like the owners had a goal of creating a shrub collection. I like shrubs, but I don’t like a shrub enshrining my mailbox, obstructing views for car drivers and hiding my entire house. Home owners, plan your landscape carefully–have it enhance your house, use plants in proportion to your house and don’t create a hiding place for burglars. ‘Nuff said?

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    Unfortunately, we have neighbors that have a similar situation going on in front of their home, but with ivy under the shrubs. YIKES! We call it the Forungle (Forest/Jungle) Ha!

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