Friday Mish-Mash Up

Friday Mish-Mash Up

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL lately! My life has been upside down--in a good way--these last few weeks. First, and most importantly, I got engaged to The Hunky Foreman! I'm not too proud to share a pic taken right afterwards--yes, I'm in my bathrobe and don't have any makeup on--but it was after midnight and I'd just flown home from The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

Our buddy, Jason, opened a bottle of mead he'd made eighteen months ago--delicious!!--and we stayed up til 2 because we were so giddy. And I'm sure my boys, Max and Luke, appreciated 1:30 a.m. phonecalls from their mother, too... Drought Update: OK next up--some sobering news about Texas' historic drought. Sorry to go from a happy event to a sucky one, but I thought I'd just rip that band-aid off. Take a few minutes to read through this interview  with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples about how our devastating drought is impacting farmers and ranchers across the state. Although we have enjoyed some deep winter rains, we are still in a drought in many parts of Texas. Austin, by and large, is still in a drought, although most people east of I-35 (Bastrop, Caldwell and Lee counties) are drought-free at this time. No matter where you live and whatever drought conditions you are experiencing, please continue to observe water conservation procedures and not waste water! Spring, Spring, Spring! Nothing beats springtime in Texas, not even April in Paris, although I've never been to Paris at any time of the year. If we're fortunate enough to have a good wildflower season (spring '11 was non-existant, this spring has been awesome), we're treated to weeks of blues,yellows and peachy pinks on the side of the road.

Kids Who doesn't love babies? And babies in spring? And babies in springtime with flowers? My friend Terri brought her grandbaby, Emily, over for a visit a couple of days ago. I only had my iPhone on me, but managed to get some blurry shots of Emily smelling the jasmine vine in the front yard--is there anything cuter than this?

Easter Ideas If any of you are planning an Easter celebration this weekend, check out Southern Living's Easter Party Ideas, or my ideas for easy Easter centerpieces! Trust me, I don't have time for projects that require a lot of time and effort these days, so when I say it's easy--dude, it is EASY. Happy Easter to all of you--may you and your families have a joyous time together! Whatever your religious or spiritual practice, this time of year is one of rebirth and renewal--and we can all find something there to celebrate.

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    Congrats!! Now that is reason to celebrate:) Your wildflower pics are lovely. I’m hoping this summer will not be as bad as last summer. Hope you have a Happy Easter!

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