Drunken Figs

Drunken Figs

I thought I'd start out with the pic this week, on Day 3 of Fig-A-Palooza! Because it combines figs and brandy, you just can't beat that for a blog post opener. In my search for fig recipes, I found many referring to Drunken Figs, and there are several variations. Naturally, I chose the easiest one, and my son Luke helped me put it together. No worries that Luke is a wee lad helping his mama make alcoholic fruit--he's 18 and about ready to go off to college next month, so I thought he could handle putting figs in a jar. Okay, here's the super easy recipe: Drunken Figs Ingredients/Materials Clear glass jar with lid (however many you need) Figs (again, however many you want to intoxicate) Walnut pieces or halves Brandy lemon zest-- one lemon per glass jar Wash and dry figs, and make sure your glass container is clean, sterilized and dry. Make a small slit in the bottom of each fig (not the stem end), and insert a walnut half or piece into the walnut. Place in jar, and when the jar is filled with figs, pour in the brandy to cover figs. Then add the zest of one lemon before covering with a lid. Keep in a cool dark place for at least a month (mine's in the pantry). Drunken figs are great for adult appetizers. Now, keep in mind that I haven't eaten any of these yet since I just bottled them, but I can't imagine this is anything less than sublime. While you can serve the figs by themselves, try creating an appetizer plate with dried Turkish apricots, walnuts, Bleu cheese and small appetizer crackers (my new cracker obsession is NutThins). Bon appetit! A friend of mine, Jason, worried about what to do with all the leftover brandy when you take the figs out. It's no longer sipping brandy, but don't throw it out! This post from Savoring Every Bite gives some ideas on how to use that leftover brandy--making a reduction to use as a sauce to pour over the figs. Anything not used in a reduction or sauce can be reserved for baking--yum!

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  1. says

    I’m so excited to find your blog and view these fig recipes! I adore figs and am always looking for new ideas. Thanks for the mention. I hope you enjoy the figs…they will be very potent!! But perfect when paired with a bite of something from your wonderful appetizer plate!

  2. Chellie says

    No, no; your brandy will still be very much sippable. Just strain it through a jelly bag and rebottle in clean jars.

  3. Bonnie Bailey says

    Besides brandy & Grand Marnier, what else has anyone
    used? Does proof make a difference? I’m not wild about brandy in general, & GM is so pricey, but vodka, that I use for all other fruits is not expensive, & tasteless…so, hmm… Think I’ll try the latter & add lemon & vanilla. Will let you know. How did yours turn out? Did they hold their shape since they are “raw.” Are they mushy? Really breath-taking w/ alcohol? Thanks. Bonnie

  4. Bonnie says

    O.k.!! Did it! Put up beautiful jars of figs & all my “left-over” liquers (from my bakery…honest), vodka, lemon zest, mixed. The very best fragrance came from the figs in hazelnut liquer & vodka. Can’t wait to try these in a few months. I do refrigerate ’em just because..They, so far, have kept their shape…not mushy-looking. Will see in a few months. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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