Friday Mish-Mash Up

Friday Mish-Mash Up

It's been a while since I've done my Friday Mish-Mash Up, a collection of all sorts of goodness that I've pulled together over the last week. Since it's almost Halloween, I'm going to use that as my theme this week. Here you go--and hope you enjoy!

Decorate your entryway table for Halloween: Isn't this an elegant idea from Good Housekeeping? If one can use "elegant" to describe anything Halloween. halloween-decorations.jpg

Day of the Dead Cookies: Yes, I know this would be a total labor of love, but come ON! Look at these--aren't they fabulous? I found this recipe last year and I am determined to make them this year! I just have to hunt down a skull cookie cutter and make a trip to the craft store to get the right icing colors. I seriously can't wait--I'm chomping at the bit, I love making seasonal cut-out cookies.


Planted Pumpkins: Check out my friend Laura Eubanks' planted pumpkins--she does the most amazing things with succulents! I'm always in awe of her creativity.


Pumpkins in the Garden: A couple of years ago I attended the Garden Writer's Association annual symposium in Dallas, where we toured the Dallas Arboretum with their seasonal display of a gazillion pumpkins. Check these out:

I'll be collecting more fall goodies for you all over the next week or so, so be sure to check back in!

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