Friday Mish Mash Up

Friday Mish Mash Up

I love Fridays — it gives me a chance to highlight some cool things that I run into during the week, and I don't need to have a theme if I don't want to. After all, it's my blog, right? Okay, first up, we have-- Kylee's Pumpkin Torte Recipe — My BFF and co-author, Kylee Baumle, posted a recipe for a luscious pumpkin torte on her blog, Our Little Acre. Just in time for the holidays, right? It's making me huuuuuuungry....

Need some inspiration for Christmas door decorations? Check out Decoist for some really cool and different ideas. I really love this one, because it's a bit unexpected, don't you think? Tis the season for weenie roasts! I was recently up at Kylee's house in NW Ohio to work on our book, and her husband, Romie, made an awesome fire. We roasted hot dogs, ate chips out of the bag and then had S'Mores. Pardon the iPhone pic, but I was there to enjoy the coziness, not take pics! If you haven't done it already, plan an evening to light a fire and cook something--gather your kids or your friends around; it creates some really simple, yet truly special, memories. Thanks, Kylee and Romie!

Looking for some gifts for the gardener on your list? Leaf Magazine has some great suggestions for skin care products! And Santa, if you're listening, you can bring me these. Just sayin'.   Hope you found some items here that were useful/fun/interesting/yummy. I'll keep looking for more tidbits to add to my Friday Mish Mash Up; it serves the ADD child in me quite well.

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    You know, I came to your house the day after Thanksgiving and when I got home a week later, all that pumpkin torte was GONE! Guess I’m going to have to make more. Thanks for sharing, Jenny! And it was simply wonderful to have you at my house, doing everyday things like the weenie roast, writing a book, throwing soil all over the place….. Let’s do it again SOON! Love you!

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