Garden Giveaway: The DeWit Potting Scoop

Garden Giveaway: The DeWit Potting Scoop

I've decided to host a monthly giveaway here at JPGD, and I'm very excited about my first one, the Potting Scoop by DeWit Tools (also affectionately known as the "Shawna Trowel" by friends)! My dear friend and garden buddy Shawna Coronado took a trip to the Netherlands last year and visited DeWit Tools where she forged her own garden trowel:

Shawna Scoop

Check it out: it has a rounded scoop so soil won't fall out (I hate that), a notched edge for cutting open soil bags (brilliant) and a sharpened bottom edge to cut through roots or anything else you want to cut through. DeWit Tools and Shawna generously sent me two trowels — one to try out for myself and one to give away to someone super lucky! I used this tool the very same day I got it, and I really do love it. It's a really sturdy tool (the craftsmanship is beyond excellent) and the features are genuinely useful. And I'm a hard nut to crack with garden tools, being a landscaper and all. The Hunky Foreman/Fiance even loved it because it was hefty and felt good in his hands. So, you know you want one of these babies, and I'm here to help. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post — the giveaway will run until Monday, February 18, 12:00 midnight CST. The next day, I'll choose a winner randomly from the comments — but, please, please, please remember to leave your contact info when leaving your comment. I can't tell you how many times someone won something from my blog and I couldn't find them to tell them! Good luck, and thank you to Shawna and DeWit Tools for providing this trowel — I love mine and I know you will love yours! And, if you don't win, you can get your own here.

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  1. says

    This is a great-looking potting scoop. I’m picky about tools, too, and this one has real potential. The shape is unique, so it would be great to try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Teresa says

    My chickens would thank you. Although, it would be great for a potting soil scooping too. I love that it is wood and steel- a recipe for a tool that lasts forever.

  3. Rose Parris says

    If Jenny likes it, I like it. Looks like this tool has it all–one tool for digging and scooping, notched edge for cutting open bags. Brilliant! Hope I win.

  4. says

    I would love one of those trowels! It looks fantastic! I could use it to move my lemon balm plant, lavender, calendula plants maybe even the olive bushes. It would be perfect. My website is still being built.

  5. says

    Definitely put me in the contest – I need a new trowel badly. And mulch bags make me crazy trying to get them open – great idea!

  6. Roland Boyd says

    I love the look of this trowel, whoever designed it had every gardener in mind with the easy open part on the side made for soil bags, etc. This is the first I have seen of it and I would love one! would love the chance to win it!

  7. Laura says

    I followed Shawna as she was on her trip and love this trowel! I can use it with all my lovely lavender, garden herbs and veggies. This looks like an amazing tool!!

  8. Susan says

    Sharp edged tools are the best! I live in a wooded area and there are plenty of roots to get through. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this nifty, multitasking trowel.

  9. Jamie says

    I would love to try this trowel out! I’ll be helping with a few gardens this summer/spring, and would love to have this for my first hardcore go at gardening.

  10. Cindy Barton says

    What a marvelous tool! Here in GA with our hard clay soil pine tree roots having a trowel sharp enough to slice through these tough situations would be amazing.

    How many times have I dragged a heavy bag of soil or compost out to my garden only to find I have nothing to cut it open with. What a great idea to have that serrated edge right there conveniently placed. Genius!!! I would be honored to have this tool in my potting shed.

  11. Zach says

    The Shauna/Macgyver trowel looks like the ultimate in gardening productivity! The corners on the bottom of the trowel allow you to scoop soil out of the corners of the pot and the flat side can help to scape sticky dirt of the sides on a planter or the bottom o fa soil/ mulch bag like a dustpan. The straight side also allows you to drag a straight line along the soil for planting rows of seeds. The size of the blade is also ideal for digging the perfect size hole when planting plants from the nursery or garden center. The possibilities are endless!

  12. says

    Even though I’m new to gardening, I’ve learned that wood and steel are the best coupling. Thank you to DeWit (and Shawna) for crafting something worth buying and something gardeners can depend on.

    Light and love to y’all and your gardens!

  13. sharron Brinsfield McDonald says

    I would love to win your scoop. I love all garden tools. Just getting started “digging”.

  14. says

    a scoop with fantastic design!!! It looks like a real work horse tool for my 1500 sqft community garden. Bags of top soil, mulch, sand can be handled in one fell swoop. I love the fact that is from The Netherlands. I’m originally from the Albany NY area originally known as New Netherlands. Albany was visited 50 years ago by Queen Beatrix (who is abdicating the throne soon). and her son (who will soon be King) and his new bride visited there in 2009. Albany celebrates its Dutch heritage every Mother’s Day weekend. There are over 100,000 tulips in bloom. There is also The Netherlands Project at the New York State Museum translating Dutch documents from the 1600s. Who said Netherlands. 🙂

  15. says

    I am sure the trowel is worth every penny, but the story and pictures of it’s creation are priceless. My garden would only be better to have such elegant tool work in it.

  16. Lisa Duncan says

    I’ve been drooling over this scoop since Shawna posted about it! What a fantastic giveaway. Thanks for the chance.
    duncan (dot) lisa (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Jon says

    I was just looking the other day at hand forged tools, I believe in the Territorial Seed Companies catalog. I am tired of breaking the hand trowels that you can purchase at the hardware stores! I keep wanting to purchase, or possibly make one myself. I have a king of spade for a digging shovel, and would love something that would be as effective on a smaller scale. The side to open bags of compost and soil is just genius.

  18. Genene Murphy says

    I once produced a garden show. Then, I lived in a “garden apartment” in Chicago, and knew nothing about what callers described. In this life, I’m finding my garden roots. Last fall, we planted new flowers and shrubs with names I’m still learning to pronounce. It’s now my job now to make sure my garden grows (and splits). And my kids want a vegetable garden to call their own. This trowel can help make that happen. (Besides, I’d rather spend my energy planting goodness than bending over a thousand times to rip plastic.) Plus, it looks like a piece of art and will perform better than the not-so-great garage sale find we have now … with all this snow, I’m already thinking of spring and I. Can’t. Wait.

  19. Melissa says

    I am a scoop/trowel junkie. I could never have enough, whether it’s for flour in the kitchen or soil in the yard. Really want to try out this one, it looks great!

  20. Stephanie Clanton says

    I find my therapy in the dirt and this looks like a wonderful companion to share with! Pick Me so I can Pick flowers all spring and summer 🙂

  21. julie greco says

    I enjoyed your site. I think the trowel looks interesting and promising. I would love to give it a try!

  22. Marilyn says

    What a great tool! It would be do handy transferring worm castings, compost and potting soil! I would love to use it soon! Thank you!

  23. says

    Awesome looking tool – the best part sounds like that bag-ripper-open part. I really prefer not to have to carry around a box cutter all the time…

  24. Kathy says

    Love the whole concept! If I had this tool, I would not be walking around my garden looking for my trowel/spade after I had lain my scissors down from cutting open my bags/ then back to looking for the sicssors again! Hope she comes home to me!

  25. Beth says

    Wow. This seems like the perfect tool! Efficient yet nicely styled. Would love to use it in my garden.

  26. says

    This looks so easy to use. I plant tons of plants per year and this would be a dream to use. Does drinking wine help with this like it does watering your plants? Just kidding. I love my garden and working in it daily!

  27. Ann Shade says

    Seems most trowels have a point, but this is literally a ‘knife’ on the bottom. Like the ‘pot-hugging curve’. The way the handle is attached makes it stable when it is set down or maybe even stood on the knife edge.

  28. Heather M. Claus says

    I’m just getting started gardening, and can already see the use for this. Brilliant!

  29. Linda lloyd says

    Oh! I am Lusting after this trowel! Ok, perhaps lusting is a bit strong but, I’d sure like it! :-))

  30. george horlander says

    What a.n awesome-looking tool! I would plant with it, too….even though it probably isn’t designed for that.

  31. Patricia Lambert says

    Oh I gotta have it, looks like a good grip handler, enough dirt to shovel, and cut the weeds/old roots in the ground at the same time before planting sounds like a great tool you invented, Shawna! Give it to me 🙂 xx Patricia

  32. says

    An avid gardener who is not getting any younger, I am always looking for tools that might make it easier to get my work done. I don’t intend to ever give up playing in the dirt!
    I like the looks of this & the bag opening addition. Early gardeners never had to contend with plastic bags of soil so, no surprise no one had a tool specifically to aid in that! I sometimes have trouble even with a pocketknife getting the blasted bags open… And, a trowel that cuts through roots? That would be a huge help indeed.

  33. T. Manning Statzer says

    This is something I would love some members of my staff to try to see if some of the Nursery staff and Three Milwaukee districts would like to purchase for planting boulevards.

  34. Gayle says

    That looks like the awesomest garden tool ever! Hopefully I’ll be the one to win it … 🙂

  35. Barb Gutermuth says

    i would to have this garden tool!! starting my own floor beds this spring as we are closing on our first house in mid march. very excited!! you can contact me at!! hope i win 🙂

  36. Sue Givens says

    This is one of the neatest trowels I have ever seen. I have used plenty in my many years of gardening. This trowel looks to be so heavy duty and multi-purposeful. I can just see this along side my heirloom tomato plants, I just ordered. Love to have it. Thank you for your consideration.

  37. Debbie McMurry says

    Looks like a great designed scoop. My favorite garden tool in my garden that I cannot live without!

  38. says

    I will be potting up and transplanting nearly 7,000 plants this spring. This would be beyond handy. And you have to love those Dutchies for making such fantastic tools.

  39. Ann's Green Garden says

    I absolutely love the bag opener idea! I could not tell you how many times I have tried to use some kind of tool, even a hoe, to open a bag of soil! LOL!!!

  40. Antoinette Peters says

    WE teach a seed starting clinic every Spring and my older participants
    Could surely use your new tool. Good Luck All.


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