Kiss My Aster: Book Review and Giveaway!

Kiss My Aster: Book Review and Giveaway!

It is with the utmost of hand-rubbing glee that I talk with you today about "Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You" (Storey Publishing) by Amanda Thomsen. Amanda is my friend and fellow Proven Winners Garden Guru, a garden blogger at Kiss My Aster and a garden designer in Chicago, IL, and there are almost no words to describe her, but dang it, I'm gonna try. Kiss My Aster This book is like Amanda herself, which is as it should be anyway, but especially if you are someone like Amanda. The girl has a ginormous pair of Felco pruners with flames tattooed on her arm, for Pete's sake. So anyway, here are my reasons to get Amanda's book:
  1. It's a garden book you can read. Most garden books are ones you can page through to look at photographs for inspiration without really looking at the words. You'll be reading this one.
  2. It's graphic. No, not that way. GAH, you're gross. The illustrations are like a comic book on crack, and every single page has drawings and artwork for your viewing pleasure.
  3. It's funny. I don't require all my garden books to be funny, but if you're Amanda Thomsen, your garden book will have to be funny bordering on outlandish or I will suspect you hired someone to write it for you.
  4. It's full of spot-on garden and designing advice. No more than two topiaries per yard, please. Don't use explosives. Taller homes need taller trees to anchor them.
  5. It's got Mad Libs and Cootie Catchers in it. No really. It really does! And it also requires the use of jazz hands when reading. How many garden books do that?
  6. This book is for the beginner gardener as well as the pro. I'm a pro and I am already using tips from this book. Whatever your level of expertise , trust me, you will find valuable information to help you with your garden. It's all well and good to be funny and unique, but if you can't back it up with solid advice and knowledge, then just go be a stand-up comic already. Amanda's got the goods.
Now that you are chomping at the bit to have this book — and if you are smart, you should be — hop over to Storey Publishing and leave a comment on their post for a chance to win "Kiss My Aster." Their giveaway starts today and goes through Thursday, February 25. Remember, although I'd love for you to comment to your heart's content here on J. Peterson Garden Design, the giveaway is on Storey's blogpostso be sure to go leave your comment over there! Good luck, and remember, use your jazz hands when gardening, just put down your pruners first!
And you get groovy fake tattoos, too!

And you get groovy fake tattoos, too!

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    It does sound like a fun read. “Don’t use explosives” hahaha, except they do use them in San Antonio to move rock for sidewalks and driveways. Jackhammers too!

    I’ll go sign up, would love to win!


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