Bonnie Plants Container Contest

Bonnie Plants Container Contest

A couple of months ago, I attended P. Allen Smith's Garden 2 Blog event at his Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock, Arkansas. All of the participants were encouraged to create a container garden concept before the event using Bonnie plants (Bonnie Plants being one of the event sponsors) and three containers in graduating sizes of 12", 18" and 24". We found out at the actual event who won, and I was one of the winners! Our designs were rendered by professional artists, and you can see all three of the winning designs  on the Bonnie Plants site here. Here's the pic of mine: Bonnie Plants contest I came up with an herb spiral-meets-vertical gardening idea, and I love how the artist made my design so beautiful and charming. Go check it out -- there are two other designs that are very creative and one involves cocktails, so you KNOW you're excited about this. Thank you, Bonnie Plants, for the fun contest and great ideas, and as always, to Allen for planning Garden 2 Blog!

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