The Seed Keeper Deluxe — Product Review

The Seed Keeper Deluxe — Product Review

Back in May when I was fortunate enough to be invited to P. Allen Smith's 3rd Annual Garden 2 Blog event at his Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock Arkansas, participating garden bloggers met with various sponsors that are involved in the garden and lifestyle industries. One of those sponsors was the incredible team of Kerri Rosenthal and Carol Niec's The Seed Keeper Company. This lively duo has developed a great way to store and organize your garden seeds, whether you buy them in packets from the nursery or you harvest your own seeds or both. Kerri and Carol very generously gifted each participant with a Seed Keepers Deluxe, and I am happy to share this product with you all. Here's what you get:


  •  A - Z and monthly dividers
  • A seed sorting dish
  • toothpicks and seed tweezers
  • seed magnifying glass
  • seed-saving envelopes
  • permanent marker
  • wooden plant markers
  • "What did I plant?" labels
  • garden gloves
  • utility clip for clipping your gloves to your pocket
  • wooden planting ruler
  • hand and nail scrubber
In addition, on each A-Z or monthly divider, The Seed Keeper Deluxe has helpful garden tips for you like this:


 And here's my finished Seed Keeper Deluxe -- it took me all of 5 minutes to put it all together and organize my seeds:


If a good product wasn't enough, Kerrie and Carol started The Seed Keeper Project where they recognize school gardens across the United States by awarding each winning school a Certificate of Recognition and a Seed Keeper to help keep them organized. Nominations are received through Facebook and Twitter, and to date, they have awarded over 100 Seed Keepers. That's a couple of cool girls for sure.


Yeah, I know, this is a really bad iPhone pic, but what can you expect after Happy Hour and then dinner and dancing in a barn? I'm telling you, these two are so funny, energetic and the life of every party. I know; I've been to several parties with them! Now, I have to admit, I've never been one to start anything from a seed -- I'm not sure why, but I think I feel intimidated by all the planting depths and damping off and heat lamps and such. But I have decided to start my seed-keeping adventures by sowing something pretty much guaranteed to work: sunflowers and pumpkins. Big seeds, grow quick, look awesome. That's my kind of beginner's project. So if you're a novice seed-starter like me or you've been doing it for years and couldn't imagine any other way, everyone needs to be organized, right? The Seed Keeper Deluxe is a great way to stay on top of your seeds by giving you all the tools in one place to help you succeed. They're available at garden centers across the United States and in Canada, or you can order directly from the company. Disclaimer: Although I was provided a free Seed Keeper Deluxe from The Seed Keeper Company, my opinions are my own and not for sale. If I didn't think this was a great product, I would either tell you that or I simply wouldn't write about it!

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