Wells Branch Elementary School Garden

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working with some inspiring volunteers at Wells Branch Elementary to help them with a design that would turn their large courtyard into an outdoor learning space with raised beds, vegetables, a greenhouse and a labyrinth. It's such a vibrant community that I was delighted when the Central Texas Gardener decided to feature it in one of their recent episodes. Check it out! I used to live in Wells Branch and, even though my boys went to a different elementary school, Wells Branch Elementary is a hub of the neighborhood. We spent many Saturday mornings there with my sons' soccer games, so when I was contacted about helping them with their design, it was an easy decision. Anyone who is a gardener knows what they get from their gardening activities, but what about children? When kids participate in the garden, they learn:
  • Where their food comes from
  • To try different foods
  • How to plant seeds and transplants
  • How to take care of living things
  • About the cycle of life
  • How to harvest food
  • How to identify bugs, good and bad
If your children's or grandchildren's school doesn't have a similar program, consider creating one! The kids at Wells Branch Elementary even formed a little Farmer's Market where they sold their harvest, and then bought a greenhouse with the proceeds. This school has many, many dedicated volunteers, which is the best way to keep a program like this one going from year to year. Have you been involved with a school garden program? What was your experience? Congratulations, WEB, on a job well done -- keep planting, growing and learning.

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