Heart of the Holidays Greenery Cheer Challenge

Heart of the Holidays Greenery Cheer Challenge

My friends at P. Allen Smith have created a Heart of the Holidays Greenery Cheer Challenge, and I'm up for it! Here's the scoop: they sent me (and all participants) fresh greenery of our choice from the P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection (available at Home Depot), and then our challenge is to style/decorate/use it in a creative way and write a blog post about it. They'll then post our images with links to our sites on Pinterest, and the image that receives the most engagement will win. What will it win? It'll mean that the non-profit of my choice will be sent a complete set of fresh, heavenly holiday greenery!


I chose a simple wreath from the Rustic Collection because I wanted to add some really bright decorations to it. Namely, pink. Lots of pink. Many people know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2012, and went through chemo and radiation last year to treat it. While not everything in my life centers around breast cancer (it can't; it just can't), I could not pass up this opportunity to win some holiday cheer for a non-profit that is near and dear to my heart — The Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. This organization is profoundly helpful to so many women, providing lifelines to those who have been diagnosed. They offer support groups, educational classes and assistance for women who are navigating their illness without the benefit of health insurance. They do whatever it takes for women to know that, although they may need to go through this experience, they don't have to do it alone. There is no greater gift than that, my friends -- chances are very good that breast cancer will not kill me, but my greatest fear is not dying from breast cancer, it's dying from anything alone. Or living with anything alone. BCRC works miracles in the lives of women like me everyday. Once this post and my image is posted on Allen's Pinterest board, I hope that you will take time to comment, like or repin it, so that The Breast Cancer Resource Center can have some holiday cheer at its offices. I'll continue to post reminders with links in the next few days to make it easy for you to do so. Thank you so much for your support of this Challenge! I'm honored to participate in it.

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