Meet Jenny and her team, learn about her projects and see where her designs have been featured.   Jenny Peterson and her team have been creating cool gardens in the Austin area since 2001. From elegant courtyards to funky meditation spaces and Longhorn gardens (Go Horns!), Jenny's gardens span the spectrum. Austin and Austinites defy the norm, and their gardens should, too!  Jenny listens to her clients and brings out their style and taste so their landscape always reflects the personality of the owner. Trained as a Master Gardener, Jenny brings a deep understanding of the ecosystems that promote a vibrant garden: healthy soil, integrated pest management, appropriate plant choices and organic methods. She is committed to using primarily native and adapted plants to conserve water and reflect the beautiful Texas landscape. Visit this site often for regional gardening tips, project ideas, random musings and the occasional offbeat picture to put a smile on your face!  Contact Jenny to get started on your own slice of Austin grooviness:
  MEET THE TEAM: I've been working with the same team for over 6 years — they are the ones responsible for bringing my designs to life, and in many cases, have ideas that make my vision even better. They are a joy to work with, and our clients love them. DSC_0045Brett Davis: Aka "McGyver." Brett has years of experience with most forms of construction, irrigation and drainage — any problem we have on a project, Brett knows how to solve and has the right tool to do it. That's why I call him "McGyver." He's also been known to use the pythagorean theorem to solve irrigation issues. Our clients love Brett, and so do I — he's the best foreman ever.   DSC_0067Alejandro: Alejandro is the youngest member of our team, but has been working with Brett for about 10 years now. He's got a maturity that defies his years, loves to do rock work and has a real eye for detail. He's got the most cheerful personality, and we love having him around. Alejandro has a wife and two gorgeous little girls.   DSC_0066Alfonso: Alfonso is the newest member of our crew, but he's been with us for about 4 years now. He's a problem solver and often thinks up ideas that the rest of us never considered. I love his work ethic and sense of humor. Alfonso has a wife, a daughter and a son that are adorable.   DSC_0064Carlos: Carlos has worked with Brett for close to 13 years, making him the oldest member of our team. Carlos has the best sense of humor and is a Jack of All Trades with a wide breadth of experience. Because of that, he's very valuable on our team. He and Alfonso are brothers, and Carlos loves playing uncle to Alfonso and Alejandro's children.