The Garden Designers’ Roundtable

Good-bye, wimpy garden colors! So long, namby-pamby landscaping! Say hello to all things bold in your garden. Now, don’t get into a panic — not everything needs to be bold, but for sure you don’t want everything to fade passively into the background. Here are some ideas to try — and repeat after me: Baby […]


I’ve always said that the transitions in a garden are the most difficult to plan out. What to do with that one space where your decomposed granite area meets up with river rock, grass and steel edging? How to move from your patio out to your hot tub area? What about weird colors that meet […]


This is a perfect post for January gardening, when the weather is cold and nasty, the wind is howling and you can sit inside with a cup of coffee or hot tea and read about what inspires garden designers. Actually, today in Austin Texas, it’s an enviable 68 degrees and sunny — and I just […]


Sweet, cozy gardens? Not this month on the Garden Designers Roundtable! Today we take a walk on the wild side, and we invite you to follow along. We like living on the edge–spiky and carnivorous plants, dizzying heights, squiggly and squirmy things in the garden–we gotcha covered! So don’t play it too safe in your garden; […]


Ever heard the expression “God is in the details?” Well, I don’t think think we’re about debating God on this blog, but landscaping, absolutely! It’s been my experience as a designer that some of the better projects that we’ve done — where the clients are sublimely happy, the garden just “click” and even our crew […]


Welcome to another edition of the Garden Designers Roundtable! We hope to help you this month with adding some class and culture to your garden–not that it isn’t already classy and full of culture, you understand. Gardens, by their nature, are inherently beautiful, aren’t they? Lush foliage, brilliant blooms, scampering vines and delicious fruits and […]


Good morning, readers! Have you ever taken a trip or a vacation and come across a fabulous garden? Sometimes it’s by strolling through a neighborhood, while other times it’s a trip to a botanical garden or a private garden tour. You take a ton of inspirational pictures and maybe even jot down notes so you […]


Other than the fact that I was an extra in a roller derby scene in a Jackie Chan movie when I was 17 (I totally know you’re jealous), another little known fact about me is that I went to seminary and got a Master’s degree in theology. That one seems to shock everyone, while few […]


Good morning! Our Roundtable has been busy this month with ideas on making a great first impression with your landscape (“curb appeal”). This is coming around to me in a whole new way, as I’m up to my neck with getting a house I own ready to put on the market–and this week I’ll be […]


In the summer of 2006, I took a trip to Washington DC and was roaming around all manner of museums, galleries and bookstores when I found this book: This book beautifully covers the legacy of Brazilian artist/naturalist/landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994)–I won’t go over his life and achievements here, but he introduced modernist landscape design […]