Contrast in the Garden

by Jenny Peterson on May 31, 2011

in Garden Design

Probably most of you have heard a ton about adding contrast in your garden for visual interest–contrast the colors, contrast the foliage size, contrast the plant shape, contrast textures! You don’t have to contrast everything, but paying attention to this basic design element and you’ll be surprised how much more depth your garden has. Here […]


It’s hard to overstate my love of rocks. I love their texture and chunkiness, I love the visual weight they add to any landscape, and I love how you can incorporate them into a garden to address grade changes, create positive drainage, pathways and places to sit and play on. Stones are simultaneously functional and […]


Patio Transition: One Great Idea

by Jenny Peterson on August 20, 2010

in Garden Design

Have you seen patios that abruptly end, while grass grows right up to the edge? While there’s nothing really wrong with it, there’s that nagging feeling sometimes that, surely, there must be a more artistic or creative solution to transition between the two areas. Well, here’s a quick idea that speaks to that very problem: […]

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